View Full Version : Drop cloth, an excellent material to upholster carpeted boards

John Doe
February 7th 10, 01:14 AM
Preliminarily speaking, after about two weeks of use...

First, I efficiently applied carpet to 6-8 foot 1x4s (you could
use 2x4s for more sturdiness at about twice the weight) using an
electric staple gun, being sure that the staples are deep into the
wood on the backside. Then I got a hold of a huge heavy-duty drop
cloth to upholster those carpeted boards. Preliminarily speaking,
it works great. It appears to be extremely durable, I am trying to
encourage them to claw at will. Using a heavy-duty glue gun, while
stretching it, the drop cloth is easy to apply to the carpeted
board. The cloth stays in place reasonably well, and packaging
tape can be used in one or two places along a six-foot board to
help hold it in place (and then extremely easily replaced
periodically). Eventually, when they wear out a spot in the drop
cloth, I will cut a small square piece of drop cloth and patch it
in place with the glue gun. I use many carpeted and upholstered
boards (including about 6 feet above the floor) so my indoor cats
can get a lot of exercise. This combination being so easy to make
should enable much exercise for them. So far, it has eliminated
the carpet debris. It might also help prevent the cat from
interacting with the chemicals used on carpet these days. If you
want to wash a big drop cloth before application, you might need
to use a side loading washing machine.

Since string being ingested can kill a cat, you must prevent the
drop cloth from fraying. That is easy to do with a glue gun (after
disposing of the string that comes off during installation), just
put small patches of hotmelt glue every 5 inches along the edges
of the drop cloth.

This picture collection includes pics of their Skyway (before being
upholstered with drop cloth). The construction changes from time to
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/