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Kelly Greene[_2_]
March 8th 10, 06:21 AM
I think I'll pass on this brand.


Bill Graham
March 8th 10, 07:05 AM
"Kelly Greene" > wrote in message
>I think I'll pass on this brand.
> http://blogs.catster.com/the-cats-meow-a-cat-and-kitten-blog/cat-owners-bristle-at-nutro-denials/2009/06/04/

Yes, but there is a lesson to be learned here. If you want healthy cats,
there's no denying that doing a lot of reasearch and feedint them a
controlled diet is the best thing you can do. But, if you haven't got the
time to do that, then you could do a lot worse than expose them all to a
great variety of foods, and let them choose what they want, and when they
want it.
That way, unless they latch onto something that's really very poisonous,
they will maintain an, "average diet", which, (hopefully) will result in an,
"average health". And, at the very least, you will be able to say that you
provided them with whatever they liked, so it isn't your fault if they
poisoned themselves......I guess what I am trying to say is that if you
restrict their diet too much, they might be poisoned by some company that
had poor quality control or something that is beyond your control, and, once
it's happened, there is no going back and undoing it.

March 8th 10, 08:29 AM
On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 00:21:32 -0600, "Kelly Greene" >

>I think I'll pass on this brand.

I just bought a bag of Nutro, after my cat developed slowly worsening
diarrhea on Wellness. Two - three days on the Nutro, and no more

I hope it's safe for her; I've been feeding it to her for about 3 weeks
now :(

Is the stuff in the stores now safe?

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March 8th 10, 02:42 PM
Was using Nutro Max and my vet said my two black cats 3 and 7 were doing
beautifully and that whatever I was feeding them to continue. Then a pet
shop person said that Nutro's Natural Choice was their better quality so
I've been going with that.(All cans) In addition my cats get Wellness dry
food. It was the 3 ounce cans of Nutro that were no good. At one time I
had tried that and my Pickles wouldn't touch it. She looked at me like I
was feeding her a bowl of Chinese plastic and as it turned out, I was.
Fortunately by giving the cats the Wellness dry food they have choice and if
they feel something is not right they don't need to eat it.


March 8th 10, 11:28 PM
A few years ago I was feeding Nutro canned chicken. When I opened a new
case, Amber refused to touch the food. I returned all the unopened cans
for a refund and started feeding Wellness. Apparently Nutro changed the
formula. I use a little dry food as "treats" at lunch and for a while
was using Nutro. A few months ago the owner of the pet store told me
that there was a recall on Nutro and gave me a free large bag of Innova.
Both cats like that even better than the Wellness dry. No more Nutro
for me.

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March 9th 10, 04:07 PM
The Nutro that was recalled were the 3 ounce cans and it was sort of clumpy.
That was what I had tried that my cats wouldn't touch. I returned all the
cans except the one I had opened. I think they used the plastic to make the
clumpiness. I had carefully printed out a list of all the recalled pet


March 10th 10, 03:16 PM
If your cats don't like the Wellness dry and my cats do, that just goes to
show you they have different tastes. Maybe you can try another brand of dry
as a supplement to their canned food. I think it's good for them to have a
variety and dry may be good for their teeth.