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Default B & C and Fireworks

We did a day trip on a bus tour yesterday to see some lovely
Rhododendrum and Azalea gardens - they were fabulous. However as we
were gone from 7.a.m. to 8 p.m. it was necessary to lock up the terrible
three. Put FSP in the cat house and left B & C inside. They were not
pleased and Clyde rewarded me by peeing on the damp dishcloth on the
kitchen bench, sigh.
He couldn't pee in the sink as I had covered it with an oven tray! I
let them outside for a while when we got home, (foolishly, I might add
as they are very hard to catch at night) I had forgotten it was Guy
Fawke's Eve and there were fizz bangs and crackers going off
everywhere. Most cats are terrified of crackers and such but not B &
C. I bet they would light the fuses if I gave them the chance.
Finally I nabbed them as they sat on the lawn together admiring a load
of stars from a particularly noisy rocket.

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