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Default Jackie Cat, Espy, Nipsy - can we just get along?

Health issues aside, Jackie begins her integration into the household
and the boys are watching suspiciously. Yesterday I was only home for
an hour before having to go to a meeting so that was the only time
Jackie left her room. I let the boys out in the backyard and then fed
Jackie and let her out of her room. She came downstairs and went into
the backyard for a few minutes. The two boys stared at her but only a
few muted hisses were heard. Then she went back inside and up to her
room for more food. I closed the door and left. That was really good
news because I wasn't sure that she could climb the stairs since
they're wood and she's old and sick and likely arthritic.

This morning I fed her again and left her some more food. She just
eats it all and wants more but I'm not supposed to feed her too much
at one time. I leave her dry stuff.

Anyway, tonight when I get home I think that door stays open for good.
It will make it a bit harder to handle her medication but she keeps
darting for the door when I come in and she clearly wants to be able
to leave the room sometimes.

Tonight I will be leaving for a few hours and I'm thinking that maybe
I'll delay the official open door policy until I get back. I'd like to
be there, even if asleep, during her first extended engagement as a
full family member. For all the minor stalking and hissing there has
been no actual physical contact except for some sniffing.

The only real problem is that she left a few brown stains around her
room from loose stools. I think that is more or less over. I'd prefer
if they didn't end up on the couch. On the other hand, it's time for a
new couch anyway.

It promises to be an interesting evening and weekend. I'd best get the