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Default Damn, Nipsy killed a bird

I let the boys out into the backyard after getting home. A couple of
minutes later Nipsy comes running in with a bird in his mouth. A
little sparrow. I never thought he could actually catch one. It wasn't
even dead when I saw that he had it but it wasn't going to be getting
better. Then he finished it off.

Ugh. I feel horrible. Sure, birds die all the time but I'm never going
to let the cats out again without making enough noise so that all the
birds get out first.

Espy appears to be jealous.


Jackie (the new sick girl) is still too sick to be out much but she
seems to be putting on some weight. I can't feel quite EVERY bump in
her spine. The vet said that after another week or so we'll try for
some more blood for further testing.

I finally found out what he was talking about when he said that he
couldn't get blood out of her. I had some trouble getting her to eat
the antibiotic and tried to hold her while putting the dropper into
her mouth. Wow, did she put up a fight! Nothing was going down that
throat. A little while later she ate it all with her food.