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Cris Cho
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Default need help ID-ing breed

Hi... many years ago a friend of mine (who I've now lost touch with) had a
neighbour who had a pair of cats: shorthairs, big black and white patches
(i.e. non-spotty or tabby-striped). My memory is so-so on the tails; I'm
pretty sure they were non-fluffy, but I really don't recall if they were
normal length or short. The most remarkable thing about these cats is that
they were *huge*. We're talking head nearly knee height. They were the
biggest cats I've ever seen.

After looking around a little on the web I haven't been able to find a
picture of anything like them. Usually it's because the other breeds have
a fluffy tail.

Can anyone determine if they any specific breed? Or just accidental that
they were so big? (Pardon my terminology as I am no expert on cats.)

Thanks from Cris