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Stacy Lynn
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Default cat bites

I was bitten by a kitten this morning.

I know that cat bites can be dangerous (I've been bitten by cats
before) and being as this was a stray kitten, I wanted to make sure
that the wound was seen to properly and I recieved the necessary
shots. I also reported it to animal control. Pretty standard
procedure - the dr makes you report it in case of rabies or whatever
even though I'm pretty sure there is no rabies involved.

In any event, the animal control came and trapped one of the baby
kittens and the mom. 3 kittens are still unaccounted for.

The cats will most likely be put to sleep after a 10 day quarantine
period. They are wild, as wild as any wild creature. The kittens
have a chance of being rehabilitated. They are 6 weeks old. But i
don't know if it will happen.

I feel horrible about this whole situation. It just breaks my heart.
Why can't people spay and neuter their pets? Then it never would have
happened in the first place. I just startled the kittens; that is the
only reason it bit me. It was scared. I was moving some wood around
in their hiding place when I was bit.

I'm trying to console myself with the thought that they would just
have a life of pain and hardship if they idn't get caught... getting
hit by cars, being attacked by dogs and wild animals, running out of
food, diseases, etc. But it is so hard. I have 5 cats of my own (all
fixed and indoor only!) and I just love animals so much. It just
breaks my heart.