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Default stolen cats

Our neighbors took are cats to the Animal shelter, the animal shelter
was to full to take them so they had to turn them down. The lady from
the animal shelter identified the neighbor as the man who brought them
to the shelter, and she told him to return them, he said he would,
when he didn't we went to the police department to file a complaint, a
police officer ask him to return them, he said that he was trying to
get hold of his cousin because he is who had them. that was 8/01/03
and we still havent seen our cats.

The lady from the shelter filed a complaint with the police department
for animal cruelty, but the prosecutor said sorry about our luck,no
one seen hem physcially remove them so there isnt anything we can do.
The Humane society officer identified him, because she actually seen
him with the cat, and he admitted to a police officer that he took
them to his cousins.

One cat is very sick, he has an inner ear infection and is on
medicine, the other cat has a broken hip, Is there anything we can do
to make himtell us where our cats are?

Thank you
Anna Smith