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Default Bonnie's anniversary

Two years ago today I trapped this little wild girl. I was trying
to trap her and another cat that I discovered after finding my
trash can broken into. It was the snowiest winter we've had in MD
in a long time. I kept seeing little paw tracks and started putting
out food. And an insulated box for sleeping. I was surprised when I
started seeing a tiny solid black cat eating at the outside food
station. I called her Baby Shadow because she looked just like
Shadow. That Friday night that I trapped a big male, Megan talked
me through putting him into a cage that I had on hand (I was
fostering for the local SPCA at the time and had a show cage) and
resetting the trap to get Bonnie. She was trapped only about an
hour later. It was a busy Saturday morning getting both of them to
the clinic for ops.

The male was released; Bonnie was tiny so she stayed as a resident
of my downstairs bathroom until I could figure out what to do with
her. I couldn't find a feral rescue group that would take her, so a
long socialization process ensued.

Two years later, she is the sweetest cat that I can't pick up. The
male was adopted that summer with another stray here by a good
friend of mine who cherishes them and spoils them rotten.


"The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited
- W.C. Fields