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Default RPCA Singing to the Cats

Most of you know that I sing little ditties to most of my cats (I'm deranged
that way)

Mimi usually gets some version of

Little Mimi-Tot
Little Mimi-Tot
She's the roundest kitty
That we've got

Moe (whose nickname is Tater-Head) gets

Little Moe-Tater
Little Moe Tater
Love on her now
and love on her later
-or- (and this one I made up yester day while holding her)
Little Tater-Head
Little Tater-Head
Silly little girl
We shoulda named her Fred

She promptly answered with an 'nooooowwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr' in protest, so I
guess she wouldn't have liked being named Fred!

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