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Default Cat repeatedly vomiting?


Just getting a bit concerned about my 15 year old "Q". Recently he has been
unable to keep food down, or water. He will eat or drink but then within
about 20 minutes he sicks it back up. He also dry retches periodically and
nothing comes out aside from a bit of hair and bile. He has always had a
dicky stomach and tended to vomit up the first meal after a rest (overnight
sleep) but this is getting scary and he's lost a lot of weight. He has also
become very affectionate.

The vet could not find any sign of a problem (no lumps and normal
temperature etc) and has pumped him with what I assume are anti-biotics and
steroids which seemed to work immediately afterwards as he kept a meal down
but is back to being sick all over the house now.

He is booked in to have some blood taken for a full bloodwork on Friday
morning but I wonder if anyone can give me an idea what the likely problem
could be? Kidneys? Liver? Cancer? Either way I get a feeling in my bones
he's not long for this earth now.


Niel H