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Default Diz happined to da Gramby

We stole dis from herown email to Soft. It iz funnee and we thout you allz
might like ta read itz. Nowz, just membe a yearz or so agoz, her onlee hadz

Subject: rec.pets should come with a warning label.

I got an invoice yesterday that was about three hundred buck more than I
had figured. Mike had added coffee which was fine, I had just forgotten.

rec.pets needs a warning label. I looked this young man from Bosnia, who
was haveing enough trouble with english, straight in the eye and said "Dis
iz notted rite". Bless his heart, he just looked at me as if I wsere useing
some accent or something and began to read me the bill.
Later, I was doing a flier for our religious radio station about a recovery
center for 8-10 year olds in Yellville Arkansas and wrote this:

Dez kidz are from all kindz of homez where drugz, alkohil, an pornigraffee
are the normz."

I was a paragraph away when I realized what I had done.