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Default The Singing Roadcat

Having 6 furry owners, we of course have a lot of cat toys spread all
around the house. Of special interest are the feather wands. We've got a
plastic wand with an orange marabou feather on the end that Sammy has
claimed as his own. We also have a couple of boa feathers attached to
plastic wands, a red one and a brown one. Harri used to claim the red one
as hers, but now has switched to the brown one.

Every once in a while, usually after I've gone to bed, Harri will pick up
her boa feather, hold it in her mouth, and meow. This is very unusual as
Harri generally doesn't meow, she squeaks. But when it's boa feather time,
she let's out with "mrrrrrrrrrrrooowwwww... mrrrrrrrrrrrooowwwww...
mrrrrrrrrrrrooowwwww...". She doesn't carry it through the house, she just
sits in one place with it and meows.

When she does this I generally go find her to be sure she's all right. As
soon as she sees me looking at her she'll stop meowing, put the feather
down, and come over for pets. Never for long, it's more like she's saying
"Thanks for looking in on me". I still haven't quite figured out what the
feather song means.

Last night I went to bed around my usual time, but laid awake for a couple
hours unable to get to sleep. Around 1:00 AM I was about half asleep when
I heard "mrrrrrrrrrrrooowwwww..." from the dining room. This went on for a
few minutes then stopped. Then just a couple minutes later,
"mrrrrrrrrrrrooowwwww..." from the top landing of the stairs. I knew it
Harri doing her feather song, but I was so tired at that moment that I
don't think I could have climbed out of bed if the house was on fire.
Nancy, however, was closer to being awake. She called out "It's ok, Harri,
everybody is fine and the boa feather is all yours." I guess that was all
she was looking for, because the meowing stopped.

When I got up this morning I found that Harri had left her boa feather at
the top of the stairs. When I came downstairs I got my usual Harri snuggle
while I watched the morning news, so all is fine with the Roadcat. I just
wish I knew what the feather song really meant!