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Default Tribute to Mac, House of Clark

Small fluffy calico speaks:

Mewomie and Paw will always remember Mac as the only cat whoeffer got
into the tight little clique of the Out kitties. He just showed up one
day in the yard, a beautiful smoke-coated gentleman-cat, but furry thin.
TED checked him out and kept him a few days to fatten him up. He said
Mac always meowed at him and stuck his paw out the cage and grabbed his

Mac was mostly furry gentle and diffident to the Out kitties. That is
probably why they thought he was ok. He stood up for himself when
Marissa and Miss Tuffy tried to beat him up, but didn't hurt them. They
left him alone after that. Finally he came inside and we got to know
him. He was very quiet and kept to himself mostly, but was a very
courtly gentleman-cat (something Camille and Finrod could definitely
learn, but that's a whole other subject). He had a hard time moving
with his arthritis, but he always made it up to Meowmie's lap. He
started having stomach problems which turned out to be pancreatic cancer
and soon was helped to RB. He was the last of the Out kitties and an
end of an era. Mia and I will miss him, Camille--not so much.

One time that Paw was at TED getting meds for Mac, he saw Finrod and
Scottie-Pippin in the cage (they were tiny kittens). After Mac went to
RB, he decided to take the kittens home, so even though they never knew
Mac, if it weren't for him, they would not live here or have their
names. The End.

Callie, for Mia, Camille, Finrod and Scotty-Pippin