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Default When 1 is a bully?

they're brothers, indoor & neutered...both the same size, Rudy is the
bully if they're in the same room (my place is a small 2 bdrm apart.)
he will stop Moe from what ever he's doing; using the straching post,
playing w/a toy,looking out the window etc...Rudy goes over & wacks
him w/his paw, bites, chases what Moe, what ever he needs to do to
stop him....Rudy has sat right next to one their litter boxes when Moe
is in it and wait until he gets out the second he lays a paw of the
floor Rudy is after him

He's not causing any marks on Moe

when they do their play fighting I don't

Rudy has never mewoed or make, growled only hissed one time when my
daughter brought up a kitten, Moe immediately went to the kitten
rubbed against him, licked him...while Rudy was veru aggresive w/the

....Rudy w/the kitten I think was more "normal"

they've lived togther all their life, we got them from the APCA 4 - 5
yrs ago...some cruel person had dropped them & their sisters in a
pillow case by the side of the road, their sisters didn't live...SPCA
kept them in the same cage and they lived their from kittenhood until
8 months old when we got them

just telling you this get any idea of their behavior

do I interfear (sp) with this when Rudy is being a bully?