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Default A tribute: Her Royal Highness Cleopatra Silvercat Mahoney

Since we are all gathered here to remember those who have gone to the
Rainbow Bridge without us, I would like to offer a tribute to my
departed sisfur, Cleopatra Silvercat.

When I was just a kitten Meowmie and Paw adopted me from a rescue
organization in southern Catifurnia. When they brought me home I learned
that I would be sharing a house with two humans and two other cats. Both
of the other cats were girls like me (Cleopatra and DD). They were both
adult cats and weren't eager to adjust to having a kitten in their
lives, but they were both good sports. They both offered me advice on
things I needed to learn, since I had to grow up without a momcat.

Cleo showed me how important it is to be willing to negotiate and
compromise. She also showed me the importance of keeping up on current
events, and using my mind to achieve everything I was capable of. It was
her counsel that lead me to develop my scientific and engineering
skills, and to become the inventor I am now.

DD developed CRF, way too soon. She declined for a few months despite
all Meowmie and Paw did for her. When DD left for the Rainbow Bridge I
was sad and depressed, but Cleo reminded me that us kitties have a
responsibility to cheer up our humans. That helped me get my priorities

Soon other kitties joined our family. First tiny Tabitha joined us, then
Sammy, then Harri and Ranger. As I enjoyed our family times I came to
realize that Cleo was disappearing for days at a time, never telling us
where she was going. But reading the kitty news I soon figured out that
she was 'porting to places all over the world, serving as negotiator and
statescat in areas requiring mediation. When parts of the world were
experiencing conflict between dogs and cats, or between cats and other
animals, or even between different clans of cats, if the parties in the
conflict were unable to settle things themselves, they would call in

We all became accustomed to living in the same house as world-known
royalty. We all came to see how she justified holding the title "Her
Royal Highness" and "Empress of All She Surveys". We were also
impressed by her eagerness to participate in activities of the
Community, and how she never stood on formality.

Cleopatra Silvercat was an inspiration to us all, and a dear friend to
us all. She was very greatly loved by our humans, and by the feline
members of her family. Cleopatra, you were loved and are still. Be
happy, my sisfur.

for her clowder