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Default Tribute to Leo, House of Porter

[A petite longhaired champagne-colored cat in a shimmering copper gown
climbs the steps, sad but calm, emanating an aura of peace. Honeycat
smooths her furs, then speaks clearly in a delicate but steady voice and
looks to her wedwink Andy for reassurance. Then she fixes her golden
eyes on the crowd.]

“I am here because the House of Porter lost our rock and our protector,
the anchor of all of our lives and the spirit that held our family
together, on August First. Nocat personified the Transcendental Power of
Love like Leo. He was the spirit of peace walking on earth, an island of
tranquility that we all were drawn to. We read that ‘serenity is not
freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.’ That was Leo – our
big, safe place to go. We would lie on his big, soft side and burrow
into his fur and sleep and sleep, warm and safe from everything.”

[As the petite cat speaks, a strong ray of golden light streams down and
washes her in light, then broadens until every cat at the Reading is
dappled in a warm, glowing light.]

“Leo was here when we all arrived, one by one, and he welcomed each of
us and made us feel secure in our onetroohome. He taught us everything
we needed to know. He was, quite literally, the light of our lives – a
perpetual ray of light that illuminated the room when he walked in and
greeted us with his soft voice. His energy is still with us, and we feel
it in every breath we take. We are grateful for every day we had with
him. I am so honored to have been his sister.

“We all loved him, but I loved him most. He will always be in our hearts.”