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Default Nipsy sick? Off to the vet

Nipsy, 7-8yo long hair.

About two months ago he lost is voice for a few days. I checked on
internet and it seems to often be caused by a cold and he did seem a
bit more lethargic than normal so I gave him a few days and his voice
sort of came back. First just a pathetic yip but soon enough he was
whining just like always. He's never been a very happy cat and I used
to bring him to the vet when he sounded particularly unhappy but there
was never anything wrong.

But he also started sneezing a few weeks back. Since this coincides
with Scooter starting to live in the house, upsetting everyone, I
figured he might even be allergic to Scooter. I am a bit allergic to
him. Plus everyone is upset , Nipsy lesa

I was away for a week and the cat sitter reported that Nipsy was
sneezing quite a bit, and last night he was really sneezing a lot so
off we went to the vet this morning. He seems to have lost quite a bit
of weight and his temperature was low.

I can't understand the weight part - he has been 15.2 for quite some
time on my household scale and I weighed him a few weeks ago. I'll
drop him on it tonight but if he lost weight it was pretty sudden.
Since he's a big longhair it's tough to tell.

Anyway, $200 for visit, CBC/Chem, T4, and Amoxicillin. Hopefully we
turn up nothing bad but the vet did say a chest x-ray might be needed.

Well, start up the purring machine. Hopefully nothing serious here.