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Default Must Discuss the Kitties' Welfair

On Jun 19, 12:55*pm, "CatNipped" wrote:
I hate, hate HATE those companies that not only require a certain number of
characters, but refuse passwords that are recent repeats of past passwords
(like 20 passwords back, or won't allow consesequitive letters, or common
words, or anything at ALL easily memorable - no wonder I can't ever get into
the same place twice. *What the heck do they care if I get "hacked", that's
*NY* problem, and besides, the passwords I use and remember couldn't
possibly be figured out by anyone but me and *maybe* Ben. *Who the hell are
they to tell me what's a proper password for me??!!

/password rant

I come up with passwords that mean something to me, but are not normal
names by themselves. And then I send myself an email with my username
and password hint. The hint makes perfect sense to me, so I don't have
to include the actual password. It could be a letter and the # sign,
and I know what name and number that is. It could be old goal or new
goal, and I know what that means.

At work, I keep it very simple as 3 of use the same account, and I
really doubt somebody wants to hack into the deli department account.
So I have an easy word, punctuation, and a number, and the number
goes up by a specific number every time it requires a password change.
That way, the other clerks can easily guess the new password if they
find it has changed.

I also like to answer security questions wrong, so that I know the
correct answer, but it isn't easily obvious. For example, I don't use
my sister's middle name for that question. I use somebody else;s
middle name. I don't use my first pet, etc.