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Default Beautiful blue point Siamese cat in Carmichael, California needs a loving home

"dgk" wrote in message
On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 09:33:00 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

Kealla is a beautiful 6 year old blue point Siamese mix with light blue
eyes and beautiful white and gray fur. My husband and I adopted her when
she was 8 weeks old (see picture top left), but have recently had our
first child and are unable to keep her as our pet. She is spayed, current
on all of her shots and medication (flea med., etc.), is an indoor cat, a
little bit shy with strangers at first, but warms up to them eventually
and is an extremely loving, gentle cat who just wants someone to cuddle
with. She has lived in our home with two other cats and a dog, as well as
a young and curious baby, and she gets along well with all. If you are
interested in adopting her and can provide her a warm and loving home,
please take the information below and contact me. Whoever ends up
adopting her will get a cat post, litter box, food/water dishes, and a bag
of food. Please only contact if you are serious about adopting her and
are able to give her a good home.

Why would you be unable to keep her as a pet just because you have a
child? I just read a study that kids that grow up with cats and dogs
have less infections (and less allergies) than kids who grow up in
"clean" homes. Are you planning on getting rid of the other two cats
and the dog?

They do it all the time. Just read Craigslist. As soon as a new baby comes
along they can't be bothered with any pets they have and look to unload
them. Disgusting. :-(