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Default Warning: Singing

Meomie klames she wuz singin. She kant sing. HOnessly! She wuz makin
stranj noyses, I thot she wuz sik an callin out tu me, 'cat'. Wat kin yu
du???? She wont stop!!!


Although I am not much of a singer, I get a lot of harmless pleasure out
of participating in a couple of community choirs of the no-audition
type. In one of them, we're doing two parts of Bach's Magnificat (which
includes all those references to cats!), and the director recommended
that we go to a particular site, download our part in the most basic
version, and practise.

Sam, as he so often is, was dozing in the computer desk drawer with the
pillow in it. He woke up abruptly. After a few minutes he turned to me
and tapped me on my arm with a paw. He was obviously baffled at my odd