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Default Fences - Cats - DIY?

David E. Ross wrote:
On 10/27/12 5:40 PM, Bill Graham wrote:
Bob F wrote:
dgk wrote:
On Thu, 16 Aug 2012 20:59:00 -0400, Brooklyn1 Gravesend1 wrote:

Gas Bag wrote:

She wants to stop her cats getting out, and other cats getting
in. To any cat "lovers" out there, my friend isn't getting rid
of her cats, nor is she trapping/baiting any of the cats in her

Anyone who cares about their cats doesn't let them out.

Like most absolute statements, that's nonsense. Cats enjoy being
outdoors and if we really care about our cats we want them to be
happy. Safe counts but so does happy.

And neighbor's love cat poop in their spinach.

Spinach gets lots of poop on it, from birds and other animals. If
you grow veggies, you better wash them before you eat them. Cats are
naturally wild animals. Like Elsa. they were "born free". Keeping
them inside is like keeping a bird in a cage. It keeps them alive,
but what is their quality of life? For me, quality beats quantity in
almost evry case.

The quality of my own life depends on not having new plants dug up by
a cat for a toilet because it found the soil there soft and easily

Well, there you are. In my case, I see millions of pitiful little (furry and
otherwise) creatures freezing and starving ivery Winter, and forced to watch
their children freeze and starve before them) All done by a pitiless and
uncaring God who created this miserable mess and yet is, "worshipped" (in
abject fear) by billions of stupid folk. So, in my own small way, I try to
do what I can to help at least the few that I find in my limited area. I
could care less how they treat my potted plants. So, to each his own. I am
truely sorry for your plants, and I understand your position completely. Its
a pity that you can't understand mine.