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Default update on my father's kitten, and another kitten story

Well, Dad still says that he wants to find a new home for Speedy, but I think that won't happen anytime soon. He lives in the country where kittens are hardly rare. His biggest objection is that the kitten is....well, a kitten, and keeps knocking things off tables and playing with them, and since my father is blind, he can't find the stuff that has now disappeared. He's 83 and can't go crawling around looking for it, and my brother is a rarely home (aka Useless). I live 300 miles away.
I hope they come to an agreement soon.

Meanwhile, in another story, my friend Dianne had to put down her beloved tortie Punkin. Punkin was very old and very sick, and it was time, but as you all well know, that doesn't help the pain in the least. Dianne has been very sick and is finally on the mend, but now she's in the market for a new furbaby. Anyone in the NYC area who knows where one can be found? Dianne doesn't drive and doesn't get out much these days (note: she's been SICK), so someone close by would be very helpful. If you know anyone, email me and I'll put y'all in touch.

When Dianne is feeling better, I'm going to try and get her to visit so she can get some serious Rita-cuddling. That'll help.

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