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Default Nipsy is losing hair

Nipsy is losing some hair behind his ears, I think on both sides. He's
a longhair so it isn't really clear, but I wondered about it last week
and last night it seemed more pronounced. Having given a quick look
around, there are many possible causes but it's most likely an
allergy. It seems to be a bad year for allergies here in NYC, and even
I'm feeling it which is pretty unusual.

Actually not so unusual anymore for me. I never used to have allergies
but for the last four or five years I've been having some reaction. I
think I'm just getting older and drying out. My hair is also falling
out but I don't think it's allergies.

Well, looks like someone is going on a vet visit but I can't manage
that until next week since I can't take off a day this week.