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Default Need Help Finding Kitty Bird Cat Toy

On Sunday, January 2, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-6, SAG wrote:
We've had these "kitty bird" cat toys for some 20 years, it seems.

Little padded, weighted disk to which a few feathers, four or five
inches long, *were* attached.

To a very large extent all our cats have pretty much ignored them. But
wife's newest kittie, Fudge, has gone crazy for them: attacks, tosses
into the air, plays "kitty hocky" on the kitchen floor, etc.

So in a month, he's worn them to a nub -- feathers pretty much gone!

For the last month, every time I pass a pet store, I've parked the car
and checked out their cats toys -- no "Kitty Birds" -- at least, not the
like ones that Fudge loves.

Have found a few web pages but the web stores don't appear to be
currently active (pages dated 1998, etc).

Anybody out there have a cat with such a "kitty bird?" Have a source?

Any help would be appreciated. Name and phone number would be great!

Thanks in advance,


Hi, We are STILL searching for the Kitty Bird cat toy, LOL..Has anyone been lucky enough to find them ANYWHERE? We will always be a multicat home, so would like to find these fun toys for our cats, one especially loved to chase it and paw it, but, no luck finding them. We originally found them at PetSmart in a multicount package, darn it! After that, they were gone! very disappointed..Please contact me if you find these fun toys..We see similar designs, but, they have cardboard bottoms, not the rubber round disc that was in the original design..The design is considered a "shuttercock" if that helps with anyone else still searching....Please email me at my AOL address: NOT here, because I do not use Google much at all and will not get your message. I'm also on Facebook under Lynn Larson Neuberg too...:-)