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Default Best cat breeds for catching spiders?

On Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 5:58:44 AM UTC-4, AL_n wrote:
I'm thinking of acquiring a cat, and am considering which breeds would be
suitable. I'm a spider phobic, so a cat that would eradicate spiders from
my house would be a particular favourite.

Other qualities that I'd value:
1) affectionate
2) talkative
3) clean
4) no tendency to molt heavily

Any suggestions appreciated..


You definitely want a Siamese. They are the most talkative and intelligent of the cat breeds, extremely loyal, and are known to be fast/agile and decent mousers... which is pretty much the same thing. But not *every* cat will be a hunter, so you might think about just adopting a kitten and teaching it to hunt yourself. Get some little plastic spiders and attach them to a string and dangle it in front of the cat, reward him every time he "kills" the spider. Good luck. I used to be the most arachnophobic person I knew, until I learned a major life lesson and discovered that there are *waaay* worse things than spiders out there... and guess what? Spiders eat ALL of them.. I haven't killed a spider in my house in a long time now.