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Default Gooey eyes -- what to do?

On Sun, 9 Apr 2017 20:06:16 +0100, My2Kitties

Hi -- me again about this issue -- I called the vet. He asked me a bunch
of questions -- is it green? Is it yellow? Is it white? Does the third
eyelid come up from below? I said it's white and No the third eyelid
does not come up. He said it's mucus. The vet said it could be an
allergy to dust. Makes sense, since Blackie goes behind the couch
pretty often, and I think most of us have dust there, right???!!! So
the vet said to put some artificial tears -- like you can get any
supermarket -- on a kleenex, and gently dab the lids if there is gooey.
Today already the goo is not there, and I have not even treated him. I
think it comes briefly only occasionally. Whew! (Some articles on the
internet said eye goo could be a serious problem! Glad the question the
vet asked made sure it was none of that.)

Glad to hear that it doesn't appear to be something serious.

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