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Default Cat Passed away

Charles Devlin wrote:

We brought our cat into the Vet today for minor eye surgery
( lower eye lid). Our cat (Phoebe) was 8 years old, and in
good health. 5 hours later, the Vet called to say he was
very sorry, but Phoebe passed away after surgery. My wife
and I are devastated. We used all our savings to pay for
the surgery to keep Phoebe's sight intact. Our only income
is a small pension and social security.

The Vet wants the charges paid in full (487.00), plus
$100.00 extra for attempting resuscitation and $200.00 for
cremation which we haven't authorized.

Since we can't pay all of this up front, and we haven't
picked her up for burial yet (they are closed for the
evening), should we ask them to lower some of the charges?
They seem rather closed to this idea when they called.

Wow. I most certainly would not pay them without knowing what
the cause of death was. Could have been malpractice.