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Default Beware of bully cats

On 5/10/2017 12:16 AM, John Doe wrote:
It is not "hogtied" you piece of ****.

So easy to act holier-than-thou over the Internet. If there
were some better way to cope that doesn't suffer the pretense
of holiness and self-sacrifice on the part of the advice
giver, let's hear it. Certainly letting my other cats suffer
is not the solution.

This troll can go **** itself, and its mother too...

Yer more'n jest a little nutty; yer fuktup in de haid. All yer cats's
sufferin' because they're yer cats. Yer an animal abuser, JD. Maybe
somebody investigating yer hoarding behavior'll notice the way you've
got one of 'em lashed up and send you to jail.

You'll like jail. No bullies there.


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