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Default Beware of bully cats

On 5/13/2017 8:05 PM, John Doe wrote:
This is my original post...

My best method so far for coping... Make a small closed belt
perhaps 4 inches in diameter. Very easy to do with
belt/strapping material and hot melt glue. It must be just
the right size. You slip it over their head and pull one of
their legs, paw first, through it. If the size is just right,
they can walk and use the litter box, but they are somewhat
disabled which discourages them from picking on your other
cats. That should be introduced gradually to avoid any muscle
strains. But it is a viable workaround because you can easily
dawn and doff it (put it on and take it off) using two hands.
It stays on. No apparent risk of hanging. In my opinion, if
you must cope with a bully cat, it helps a lot. Could not be
easier to use. Especially good for when you are gone.

To any normal person, that should look like an excellent
solution to a horrible problem. It is. Of course not all
people rescue cats, some buy cats from pet stores and might
not consider the possibility of having to cope with serious
behavioral problems. And when they do, they end up dumping
them on the street and people like me end up taking care of

Maybe this troll is envious/jealous of my cat's Skyway. Or
maybe it is addicted to opioids. Or maybe the old man's
Depends is leaking...

Rescue? Yer the Jeffrey Dahmer of cat rescuing, saving them from a
lonely life on the street so you can bind them with leather and hobble
them until they submit. What next? Your calico casserole recipes?

Of course, I love it that you repeated your original, airheaded post
that included the memorable line, "...easily *dawn* and doff it." Is
that like Dawn Diego or Dawn King?

Now, get back to yer feline torture chamber and wait for that knock on
the door.


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