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Default My neighbor is fostering two kittens

On 8/25/2017 9:07 PM, dgk wrote:
I'm resisting temptation. Really. The girl is Charlotte, the boy is
George. Charlotte is, so far, lady like. George has been a terror, but
Judy's big cat Charlie has been instructing George in proper behavior
and George is just becoming a great little kitten.

I'm not taking George, and my mom (with Marlo) isn't taking Charlotte.
I mean that. I have no room for another cat. Mom is 88 and sooner or
later, most likely sooner, I'll get Marlo back. I can't have (Nipsy,
Baby, Scooter, and)) George, and then get Marlo back, along with

Judy is seriously thinking about keeping them, but the shelter does
prefer that they be homed through them. Otherwise, they can't use Judy
for more fostering. The kittens will be easy to place, but finding
foster homes isn't so easy. But how can you foster such adorable
kittens and them give them back?

That would be my dilemma in terms of fostering. I'd want to keep all of
the cats/kittens!