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I don't know if we can take the cats to the local shelter and the ones
where you can take pets have fairly limited openings. What we might do
is lock the cats in the walk-in closet with plenty of food and water,
and two litter boxes, and we head to the shelter, hopefully for a day
or at most two. Mom says that things are really impassible after a
hurricane. That wasn't the case back in NYC, but she lived through
Wilma, which went right through our town.

If this closet in on the ground floor you're taking a chance that your
cats will drown if your house floods!

Walk in closet that has no clothes in it, just storage. Plenty of
stuff for them to climb on. We aren't expecting too much flooding, for
us the wind is likely the main problem.

Here's hoping for the best, for you and your cats.