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Once everybody has teleported back to the Antarctic community's main
tunnels, Lars dashes off. A few minutes later a large, very fluffy
kitty appears.

Lars: Hi, efurrybody. Dis is Fernando, him is da mayor of IceVillage.

Fernando, dis is Francesca da
Fierce, an dis is Rebecca, an Aed, an Morgana, an Ranger, an

DaisyChan, an Iowna, an Cash. Dey all
rescued usses!

Fernando: Hihi, firiends. Fangu for bring dem home, We had been

trying to fink of ways to get them
home, but hadn't come up wif any ideas yet. Ms. Fierce, Lars says dat

you flew da big catacopter. Is dat
da Harri Roadcat logo I saw on da side?

Francesca: Yep, dat is one of the late Harri Roadcat's fleet. We

bringed it cuz it was big enough to carry
a lot of kitties and a lot of supplies. We din't know of you guys was

ok wif your food supplies, an we
bringed some tools too.

Aed: Fernando, I come from the Second World Community - we live in a

realm under the earth and we
have visited most of the known kitty communities. Our legends mention

a community that lived under
the ice and snow, but it also says that we lost contact many

generations ago. Would that by any chance
be your catmunity?

Fernando: I fink so! Our history tells us about a time when we were

free to leave this world of tunnels
and caves and visit all over, but the ice tunnel that we passed

through to get out of this area collapsed
a furry long time ago. Our historians haf found what dey fink is da

tunnel that was used, but no matter
how much digging we do we never clear away enough ice. We has

colcanic steam heat to keep our l
iving quarters comfy, but when we try to run steam hoses to da

collapsed tunnel da steam gets too cold
to help by da time it gets to da ice wall.

[Francesca disappears quietly]

Did I hear one of youz talking about holding a party or somefing

here? We duz haf a great ballroom dat
we luv to use. Would it be big enuf for youz?

[Moments later Francesca returns, dragging a couple of portable
teleporters with her ]

Fernando: Mz Fierce, what is doze fings?

Francesca: Call me Francesca, please. Deze are teleporters. We can use
dem to allow you to melt the collapsed ice out of your tunnel.

Fernando: Really? Do dey get hot?

Francesca: Nope. I'll show you. Please lead the way to shere your
collapsed tunnel is.

[ Fernando leads the assembled group deeper into the ice shelf. The air
remains reasonably warm, as an overhead pipe seems to be radioating
some heat. Several turns later, Fernando stops at the foot of a whole
lot of fallen ice.

Francesca whistels a little bit as she sets up and adjusts one of the
portable 'porters then makes some notes.]

Francesca: Ok, that end is done. Now please lead the way to your source
of your steam.

[ Fernando again leads teh group of kitties through what feels like
miles of tunnels. As they walk, the kitties see side rooms with
sleeping pads, rooms set up with kitten toys, workshops, some rooms
with scientific equipment, a couple of machine shops, and other rooms
with closed doors. They finally walk into a large room with a steamy

Francesca see some pools of steaming water with kitties soaking in
them, and near the center of the room a large pipe disapperas into the
ice floor. The large pipe splits into several smaller pipes, one of
which has a hose fitting. This pipe has a heavily insulated hose
attached to it.

Francesca set up the second portable 'porter just in front of the
coiled-up hose. She makes a few adjustments and makes aa few more

Francesca: Ok, Mister Mayor, we'z ready to go. I see some worker
kittehs over there. Could you perhaps spare them for a little while?

[Fernando whistles to attract the attention of the worker kittehs, then
gestures for them to come over. ]

Francesca: Hi! Could you please pick one end of dat hose and follow me?

[The first worker kitty grabs the end of the hose. Francesca steps into
the mouth of the 'porter. The worker kitteh looks surprised, but
follows her. When he comes out the other side immediately in front of
the collapsed ice wall he is startled.

Francesca steps back through the porter, and when she emerges on the
other side she signals to the other worker kitty to open the steam
valve. As the valve is opened, everybody hears a startled meow from the
first worker kitty. When Francesca steps back through the porter (with
everybody tagging along behind), she sees the first worker kitty
directing the steam hose at the collapsed ice wall, quickly melting the

Fernando opens a catellite phone and makes a brief call. Moments later
a burly large kitty comes running up to the group.]

Fernando: Miz - er, Francesca, dis is Angus. He's our chief engineer.

[Francesca and Angus touch noses.'

Angus: How is it that this rig is getting hot steam all the way over
here? When we;ve tried this before the steam always cools before it
travels this far.

Francesca: Itz simple. We use dese teleporters. Da hose goes in da far
side then comes out dis side, and when it gets here da steam has only
travlled the distance from the source to the first 'porter, then
distance from da second 'porter to the ice wall. Voila, hot steam!

[Angus draws Francesca aside to talk about teleporters. ]

Fernando: Wow, we might akchooly be able to use dat tunnel again soon -
cool! While dey are working on dat, can I show all of you kitties