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Default Reporting from a Hurricane

Buffy and I are fine. The power has blinked on and off a few times.
The winds are gusting to about 50 MPH and it's raining a lot.

A stubborn little hummingbird insists on coming around so I hung her
feeder back out. I figured if she can brave the storm she deserves to
eat. I even saw her hanging on for dear life on a branch in a nearby
bush as it tossed and turned. Then she went back to the feeder for a sip.

I've discovered a leak in the back corner window of my living room. I
heard "drip, drip, drip". Uh oh, that's inside! Sure enough. I've put
down towels and put some duct tape along the inside of the window. This
is going to be something that needs fixing after the storm.

Other than that, here on Saint Helena, it's just really windy and noisy
weather. Buffy is a tad more clingy than usual but otherwise she's
okay. I've got plenty of cat food and kitty litter so no worries there.