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Default Buffy Finally Noticed the Hummingbirds!

Since Hurricane Irma blew through there is a lot of competition at the
hummingbird feeder. Buffy never really paid any attention to them
before. Today, they were battling around the feeder. She hopped up on
the back of the couch and sat there, fascinated, as they zoomed around
fighting each other. Right in front of her face!

I couldn't help but laugh, both at Buffy's reaction and this one female
ruby-throated hummingbird. She staked out my feeder as her own well
before the storm. She's a fierce little bird and usually goes
unchallenged. I think a lot of people took their feeders down prior to
Hurricane Irma and haven't put them back up.

This tiny little hummingbird wouldn't let the others take a sip. Buffy
watched the aerial battles in slightly baffled amazement. She didn't
try to get to paw at or get to them through the glass. She was puzzled.
I was amused!

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