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Default Marlo's visit to my place

While Irma had many bad inpacts, it was sort of interesting to see
what Malro thought of visitihg her old home. Just to bring everyone up
to date, Marlo was my cat (along with Scooter and Nipsy) but in the
move down to Florida I picked up a semi-feral named Baby. Apparently
Marlo had some beef with Baby because she was overgrooming and was
starting to lick through her skin.

One possiible solution was to just separate Baby and Marlo. So I
figured that maybe my mom would like a cat, and I moved Marlo the 1/2
mile to her house, and Marlo settled in very wall as a lone cat. She
goes out on the screened-in patio most of the day, and lounges around
all over mom's house and sleeps with her. Mom loves her. Win Win.

But with Irma bearing down, Mom and Marlo moved into my guest bedroom,
ironically the very room that the brood and I first lived in when
arrriving in Florida while awaiting the arrival of the furniture. My
idea was to keep Marlo in that room while she was here, not mixing
with her former friends. She obviously remembered that room and
immediately shot under the sleeper bed where she spent much of the

Naturally mom couldn't always manage to keep the door shut, and twice
Marlo got out. The first time, she wandered around the house while I
kept a wary eye on her. Clearly she remembed the place because she's
too timid to explore that quickly. She ran into Scooter, and they
stared at each other while Marlo growled. Finally I approached and
Marlo retreated to the bedroom.

The second time was more interesting, and also more predictable. I
haven't mentioned that Marlo was always a prodigious eater and was
very overweight before going to mom's. That's the other reason I had
to get Marlo out. My other three cats are food grazers, eat a bit now,
come back later for some more. Marlo simply eats everything in sight.

We brought her to the vet and she was placed on a fairly strict diet
and she was losing weight very nicely. Too nicely in fact, and she was
actually hyperthyroid. So, she on meds now, and doing well. But she
still eats more like a horse than a cat.

So naturally when we couldn't find Marlo, I headed all the way to the
other end of the house, my bathroom, where the food is. There she was,
eating away until I took her back to the guest room.

It's been a year or so since I brought Marlo to mom, but she
remembered my house very well. She knew what was outside the guest
room door.

Mom isn't going to live forever; she's almost 89. I suspect that
eventually, Marlo will be moving back. She's 12 or so and maybe will
die first, but I wouldn't place bets on that. At least, when mom does
die, Marlo will have a home, but it's sure going to present some