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Default MEOW!! When Is the Jellicle Ball?

Does anycat know when the 1st Full Moon in October rises?? "Bobcat" has been hogging the 'puter for the last month -- he is from the U.S. Virgin Islands -- growing up on St. Croix, working in St. Thomas, and hanging out in St.. John. and for a few years lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He still has many, many friends throughout not just the Virgin Islands, but throughout the entire West Indies. Tonight he is dozing so I'm conducting a secret raid on the 'puter. I will be at the Jellicle Ball!!

This Year's Theme should be "The Power Love", and be dedicated to All the Cats, and D*GS and other animals who may have perished in TX from Fredrick, those in the West Indies and Florida from Irma, and in Dominica, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico from Maria. We should also not forget those in Mexico who may have perished in the Earthquake.

If there is one thing we should have learned, life is too short to live in perpetual mourning, therefore it is proper that we CELEBRATE LIFE!!! and give thanks to Bast that we can once again gather together and once again sing the praises of those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but this year let's be both respectful and dignified, as we remember all our brothers and sisters (as well as friends who might not have been fortunate to be born CATS)!! Please have your human donate at least a bag of cat food or pet food to help all the now homeless cats and pets. Let the Power of LOVE shine forth from this year's Jellicle Ball.

Misty the Black Panther and Mistress of the Night