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Default Antarctic Expedition

Ranger McDude wrote in

Dats great Ranger! Wez also needs to hand out glow-sticks. Wif da
need to not get 'too hot' anna melt what shouldn't be melted for
our hosts, dis seems like a gud idea? Kin wez put a basket dere
anna youz help kittahs get one?


Oh yes! Dats a eggzelent idea. We can definitely set up a bazket for
glow sticks.


Daisy-chan gives Ranger a saucy nose boop right in front of Pipps and
says "Thank you! I've arranged for the sticks already anna dis time
deys all different colours!".

Pipps grins. She knows Daisy-chan lost her heart to Oreon, the one
eyed scrappy fellow from years ago, but he passed over the bridge
before she could catch him.