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Default Jellicle Ball, 2017

Hi all! Sometime very long back, back enough that no one remaining
really remembers it except as historical trivia, (RPCC) and this group split off.

The two groups are very different now. RPCC is very much a storyboard'
group now where pet owners post 'as' their pets. Sounds strange but
it's also a lot of fun. Lots of little make believe adventures and
things like that. No, I'm not trolling for new members! You either
like that sort of thing or you don't. Welcome to drop in if you wish
and it's a polite place like here.

In addition to whatever other parties or whatnot that we might dream
up, is the annual Jellicle Ball. This year will be the 22nd event.
Officially it starts on 5 Oct and is being hosted by a tribe of lost
kitties in Antarctica. A key part of the ceremony is to read the names
of any pets (mostly cats and dogs but we've added ferrets and such
before) that have passed over the bridge this year (along with any
tributes to them that we may have).

Are there any pets from the people here who should be added to the
rolls? If so, I'll need them this weekend. Can reply here or to my

Format we announce with is:
Garland, House of Rennie
Pixel, House of Abbey Cats

Basically name and what you want for house (many use their last or
first name).

Let me know!