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2 husky puppies run wildly away from Slavers who also try to
charge people 100$ a call if they try to rescue them.

They scamper off looking behind them to be sure they arent
being chased then run right into Sammy!

They slide to a stop and look scared at Franchesca the
Fierce next to him. They look at each other then crawl
behind her to hide and shivver while looking back at the
path they ran from.

(Now to see what Francesca makes of them! Clem short for
Clementine a famous Pope, and Cleo short for Cleopatra, a
famous queen).

Puppies, huh? An doze hoomins is trying to sell you?

Wait here, goggies.

Cash jumps in and sets Daisy-chan and Iowna to protect the

[Francesca recruits some volunteers, including Sammy, Ranger,
and Starr da Dogg, and they all set off to find the dog
sellers. They locate them, and Franny shreds their legs while
Sammy and Ranger poop in their shoes and Starr pees on them.

Cash holds the slavers at bay just by standing tall and
wrippling his lips at them as their shoes get pooed in and
such. He's in full on Deputy Dog mode. The slavers run off
but not before a nip in the butt each. He doesnt break skin
but some good bruises! He comes back with a back pocket.

They then return to where the puppies are hiding.]

Clem, Cleo? I'm Francesca. Come on over to da buffet tables
and have some dinner.


Cash drops the back pocket by Clem and Cleo then gives them a
daddy-doggie like lick and says to follow Francesca. Iowna and
Daisy-chan take a moment to beat up the ripped off pocket, then
follow Sammy and Francesca.

Like all little ones, their tummies are empty except when
eating. They are destined to be 40-60lbs of solid muscle.
They were bred for the long haul sleds and things like the
Idotarod races.

Cash who for now is taller, helps select lots of healthy puppy
foods. They settle in with Francesca.

'Thank you Ma'am kitty! We'ze safested now! Dat nasty 2foot
wanted us to be separated anna sold inna hot place like Florida?
WE'd melt!' says Clem and Cleo nods.

Cleo looks about and waddles with a full tummy over to a pillow
and flopps down. Clem joins her. Daisy-chan snorts as little
puppy paws twitch like they are running in their sleep.

Meantime, Cash pulls out his pad and starts checking his doggie
rescue network for good places.

Let's have them joyne us in ower Jellical Ball in da Artic! Sen dey
kin meet udder Husky doggiez an joyne dere sled pakz! Pit2nya

Clem and Cleo look up and grin! But they arent sure if it's the right
arctic yet? They kinda need the Northern one they think.

Clem and Cleo show up at the bootique. Dey has a home up north now from
Cash's searches but they wanted to see the cold south. The first thing
they see is Zoot.

Gulping, they are not sure what Zoot is! Then they see Iowna and her
handing them packages to carry. Ok. It's all cool. Coming up and
saying hello, they immediately get almost licked to death by Iowna who
also wants to know every second of time since they fled the slavers.

They laugh as they can't tell it all, but they have been well and have
a good family in YellowKnife Canada.