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Default Jellicle Ball 2017

[ Near the table set up by Ranger and Pipps a wall of shimmering light
appears, and an elegantly clad elderly kitty steps out, on the arm of
her much younger escort. They approach the table, and she signs for
both of them -

Persia von Katzenplatz
Pyoter von Katzenplatz]

Greetings, Ranger. Greetings Pipps. This is such a lovely place! I was
concerned that Antarctica would be unbearably cold, but this is quite
comfortable. And look at those lovely rainbow hankies! Thank you
providing those. I suspect I'll be needing one this evening.

Oh look, here come more kitties from the Katzenplatz valley. They're
all quite eager to see this place. And most of them are looking forward
to taking one of Miz Fierce's catacopter rides.