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Default Jellicle Ball, 2017

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Hi all! Sometime very long back, back enough that no one
remaining really remembers it except as historical trivia, (RPCC) and this group split off.

Hi Carol! I remember the split, don't exactly remember why.
I do recall being flamed once for posting there that it *felt
like* Persia (RB 2014) had a temp of 109° or some such high
number. I was chastized by someone who said if her temp was
that high she'd be dead. Well duh! I was merely pointing out
how uncomfortable I was with her sleeping right next to me.
Like sleeping with a furry heating pad. That's when someone
told me about RPCA. I guess it really has been at least 20
years ago. Wow.

Yeah! Pedates me. BTW, Persia was read there. Such a sweet
lady. Dunno on the flamers. Haven't seen a person there flame
another best I can recall ever.

That was the pre-split. I couldn't believe someone thought I
believed her temp was 109F. No sense of humor.

We do have fun with the trolls though! This past year one
wanted to sell Huskie Puppies. We 'rescued' Clem and Cleo (for
Pope Clementine and Cleopatra) from the nasty doggie slavers
and they in happy homes but vacationing with Zoot, the Arctic
Penguin just now (it's all just fun make believe but the real
note is there of saying fairwell to real loved pets).

Another troll wanted to sell Parrots. We had 'Polly' escape in
an almost keystone kopper event and she moved to Parrot Island
(Florida place, lots of Parrots, real place) then is back for
the event so she can check out a bird that swims (Penguin).

I've found dealing with trolls works best if you have fun at
their expense but do not devolve to their level.

That is (or was) the RPCA method of dealing with trolls. When
they started trolling, we'd delete their crap, change the subject
line and start posting recipes. It confused the heck out of
them and they just left when they realized they weren't getting a
rise out of anyone.

I don't care for "meow-speak" but see nothing about posting
from the cats' point of view. I doubt there are many people
here on RPCA who remember the adventures of 'The Mouser'.
All the cats on the mythical ship had a job to do. Persia
was the cook.

Grin, I do minimal 'meowie' speak. I we finally got a few who
literally unintelligible to ease up on that. (we did have a few
getting too extreme a few years ago).

I Can Has Cheezburger was cute... for a while.

In addition to whatever other parties or whatnot that we
might dream up, is the annual Jellicle Ball. This year
will be the 22nd event. Officially it starts on 5 Oct and
is being hosted by a tribe of lost kitties in Antarctica.
A key part of the ceremony is to read the names of any pets
(mostly cats and dogs but we've added ferrets and such
before) that have passed over the bridge this year (along
with any tributes to them that we may have).

Are there any pets from the people here who should be added
to the rolls? If so, I'll need them this weekend. Can
reply here or to my email.

Format we announce with is:
Garland, House of Rennie
Pixel, House of Abbey Cats

Basically name and what you want for house (many use their
last or first name).

Let me know!

It sounds sweet. Fortunately I have not lost any pets this

THats good Jill! I've not lost any either here. Knocking on
wood, my little Iowna (Eye-Own-A ... beagle, car, house) is 15.
Iowna is on borrowed time now as a dog. She's roughly like a
22yo cat.

Is Iowna the blind beagle I've heard you speak of? You know I'll
send out purrs for her.


Yes, Iowna is my blind beagle. I guess we are wierd to some people.
We deliberately adopt dogs that no one else will. Blind dogs are
normally only adopted by one who has had one and knows how hard it
is to home them. We keep to 2 dog and one cat (fits our finances
for the higher medical bills for older pets) and look for age 11
and up with medical issues.

Iowna now has a bit of doggie alzheimers which is not unusual at her
age. I have to laugh though as she's a previous show dog and even
now it shows as she can take off her own thunder shirt and any
diaper type we have tried. She's comfortable though and still
loving life between her naps. We got her 4 years ago age 11 (blind
age 9).

My cat, Daisy-chan is still going strong too at vet estimate of age
18 (may be a older, age based on how long we have had her and
face-fat depletion). She may make Persias age?

Cash, my other dog cant be less than 10 now.

Congratulations to you for rescuing dogs nobody else wants. My hat
is off to you (or it would be if I wore one).

Grin, Daisy-chan (cat) is just as unique but has to be an only cat as
long as she lives.

Her full story can only be surmised. She was found in the wild, with a
final dying (starvation) kitten. She'd obviously had several years of
kittens. There are no records of the final kitten. She was unable to
walk when found and not but 5-6lbs left of her.

Lovely solid white with green eyes, she got into local no kill then
they figured out she was a feral from behavior.

The most charming bit on the rap sheet she had was 'will actively
attack toddlers, no children in the house allowed'. Less charming
items were 'warn the vet to wear a face mask like Jason Voorhis (movie
note)', cat killer, and 'must sign a release and no damage the cat does
to people in your home are our responsibility, this cat is not safe'.

Positive trait: Likes dogs (only thing that shows she may have had
human interaction).

Adopted 2008 age believed to be 8-12 then. Still gets free nail
clipping for vet safety.

Have a laugh but even if she had no medical issues, she fits our sense
of 'no one will adopt her' so we did.

I understand, and I applaud.