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Default MEOW!!! Final Touches to the Ballroom Before The Ball Begins

[Misty enters the site where the "Ballroom" will be located. While "warmer" that the -20 below outside, "warmer" is relative -- it may *ONLY* be 0 degrees to +10 degrees, as another penguin goes sliding by. Misty Sighs!] "Next year EUROPE!!! Art, Culture, Finery. I thought Egypt was bad, but at least we were in Bast's presence. Nothing will ever top Antarctica for EXTREME!! Oh well, time to get to work. Maybe a few Ice Sculptures, with color LEDs inside? I need to find whoever is in charge of decorations this year. Only one real question I need to answer before I try anything: Will my Magic of the Night work at one of the two poles where lines of electromagnetic lines of force flow IN to the Earth?? Only one way to find out!!"

[Misty closes her YELLOW eyes and feels the Magic of the Night start flowing into her. Her Black Fur start to cast off sparks, soon she glows as a living ball of something akin to St. Elmo's Fire. Reds, Yellows, Greens, and Blues and all the colors of the Aurora Borealis radiate out from her.] That answers that question: Of course Standing at the pole all that energy is simply passing through me and is being grounded into the Earth. My Power is Elemental and I am a conduit for Mother Earth. How silly of me!!! Well no matter how old one is you can still learn NEW things. [ With that Misty goes off in search of the decorating Chair Cat, as well as an electrician who might have several strings of various colored LEDs. As she sets off another silly penguin goes sliding by, and with that, Misty paws -- now clad in the Black Fur boots slide out from under her and suddenly she looks like a giant Black X on the icy floor. She hears a giggle from somewhere in this giant echo chamber. Misty HISSES and she PROUDLY regains her paws. Her Midnight Power and her Anger at her embarrassing slip is channelled into the earth. Steam rises from where she stood only a few seconds before. In seconds the water refreezes into ice].