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Default MEOW!!! Sundance

[As Misty goes off in search of the decorating Chair Cat and an Electrician she bumps into Sundance...]

"Sundance!!!! I just got some pee-mail from Rebecca. I am so very, very sorry to hear the news. It almost sounds exactly what took my Great... Grand Dam, Bonnie the Black Panther. What are YOU doing here? You should get home and be with Rebecca, but I understand why you might feel the need to be here surrounded by both your and her friends.

"I'm off to find both the Decorating Chair Cat and the local Electrician. I have some idea that might make this year's Ball something SPECIAL: ICE SCULPTURES with embedded color LEDs. If we have to be in ANTARCTICA... well ICE SCULPTURES would be a one time only Special Effect that hopefully we will NEVER, EVER see again!!! Have you seen anycat or point me in that direction?? Failing that can you point me in the general direction of the local electrician??"

Misty the Black Panther, Mistress of the Night