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Default MEOW!!! Sundance

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 10:02:54 PM UTC-7, Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote:
Misty, Rebecca iz heer herself, gettin reddy fur da JB. We haz bin werkin fur a kupple of weekz to get da site reddy. I fingk yoo kan relakz an try to injoy fingz, an try to stop insultin owrown hostz by implyin dat dere werk iz not gud enuf, and by kallin dis place Bast forsaken. Most of ussez iz not too kold in da ballroom, kuz it haz itz own majick dat letz ussez be warm, an keepz da ice an snow frum meltin or bein slippery. If dat iz not yurown esperience, maybe yurown majick iz cancellin owt da nativ majick.


"Rebecca is here?!? I am going to take your suggestion and "chill out" -- pun intended -- because I am one "cool" cat. Only in the Antarctic could I dream to say either of those things. Have you seen Cash?!? He is escorting me to the Ball. Also where can I find my "Sister Cat" Rebecca.?"