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Default Jellicle Ball 2017: Rebecca opens the Ball

[An elderly girlkitty walks to the podium. She's a little slower than she used to be, but she's determined to do her part to honor departed loved ones for what is almost certainly her last time. She looks around at the assembled kitties. When her glance falls on her beloved Hercule, they smile at each other.]

Gud eevnin, kitties an utherz, old frenz an noo. Welkum to da 2017 Jellicle Ball. Wunce agin, I iz onnered to be yurown Mistress of Serrymoniez at owr most impurrtant event. Pleez be shur to sine da gest book if yoo haznt alreddy dun so.

Dis yeer we iz in a wunnerful place, Antarctica. Sum of yurownselvez wuz skepi... sepikl... wuznt shur dis wuz a gud choice, but I hope yoo awl injoy an apurrsheate it. Not only are we RPCC kittiez discoverin a noo place, but we haz met sum noo frenz. We wuz happee to hewp reskyoo da kittiez hoo wuz stranded on da broked ice shelf, an to hewp owrown noo frenz reconneckt to da rest of da whirled.

An luk at da bootiful place dey haz let ussez use fur owrown serrymoniez! Dis bootiful ballroom, made frum ice an compakted snow, wif its kleer ice ceiling dat will let ussez see da Rainbow Bridge. Haz yoo noitissed dat da lite kummin throo da ceilin getz brokin up an makez rainbows efurrywhare? I espeshullee likez da way dat da tabulz seemz to grow rite owt of da flor. Iznt it amazin dat da flor iz not only warm enuf to walk on, but also not slipperee? Dey also tellz me dat hot fudz will not melt da tabulz! It muss awl be sum majick frum da time when owrown hostz wuz first connekted to da Second World comoonitee.

Dis yeer'z skejool of eventz iz much da same az uther yeerz. In a minnit, Daisy-chan will onner ussez wif da furst callin of namez. If dere iz namez dat needz to be added to da list, dey kan be added ennee time befur da final callin at da end of da ball.

After da furst callin, dere will be free-form time when yoo kan giv or lissen to tribyootz, eet, danse, an vizzit wif frenz. Feel free to giv ennee tribyootz yoo likez, evin fur luvved onez dat wuznt called: namez frum tribyootz will be added if necessary. Owr Antarctic hostz haz purrvided a feest dat inkloodz RPCC fafuritz as well az lokal delicaciez. Hercule Lenoir an hizown orkestra will purrvide mewzik fur dansin an lissenin between da tribyootz.

Arown midnite -- datz midnite kittee time, not hoomin time! -- we will look up at da sky, sing "Cat Anjil", an, if Bast seez fit, see da Rainbow Bridge an sum of owrown departid luvved onez.

[Rebecca pauses, looks up, and seems deep in thought. Whut iz it like up dere, she wonders. In the audience, tears well up in the eyes of a sleek Havana Brown kitty, a orange tabby mancat, and a gray and white tuxedo girlkitty. After a moment, Rebecca continues.]

After dat, dere will be more free time until da final kallin of namez, which will konklood da JB.

[Rebecca starts to say something more, but changes her mind.]

An now, when she iz reddy, Daisy-chan will do da firstest callin of dis yeer's namez.

[Rebecca returns to her cushion next to Hercule, Sundance, and Pit2nya.]