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Default MEOW!!! Jellicle Ball: Misty Goes In Search of Cash

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[With less than 24 hours left before the Full Moon Rises Misty
goes in search of her escort, Cash. This year in the Bast
forsaken Ice Box she plans to snuggle into Cash to keep WARM and
maybe cover both of them with her force shield to keep out the
cold. One thing that will NOT be a problem is keeping a shield
up: Being located at the South Pole, she is a conduit for energy
to flow into Mother Earth. Seeing Cash radiating off the Energy
of her Power may be very "interesting"].

Cash catches up with Misty. He was busy getting a second Basket to
Pipps and Ranger Dude who are helping man the guest book and pass
out Rainbow Hankies and Glow sticks in multiple colors.

He grins, Misty looks FANTASTIC as always. He has on a sort of
match with a silk black color with diamond spangles and a matching
tail ornament. He may look country, but he looks very much the
distinguished country gentledoggie.

Cash reminds her though that as a beagle, 60F is plenty warm for him
but he's delighted to share warmth with her! Offering her a paw, he
escorts her towards the podium and a specially warm cushion to his
side as he prepares to use American Sign Language (Dog/Cat version)
for Daisy. There is a slight delay as Daisy and Iowna add a few
last minute names in braille.

Meantime, Fiona makes sure the ceiling cover is retracted properly
and sets a watch on the satilites so she can dim interior lighting
as needed. She will automatically do that during both name
readings but may need to do it once or twice to preserve their
sanctuary from showing to the 2foots.


"Ah, there you are Cash!!! You look very handsome. This year there
seems to be nothing for me to do, so I am all yours. This clearly not
the place I would have picked, but it is almost a beautiful Ice
Palace CAThedral -- everything and everywhere you look is Ice. The
Rainbow Hankies and the multi-colored glow sticks make each Ice
Object magnify the color of the glow stick nearest to it. Kind of the
same idea I had of having Ice sculptures with the embedded colored
LEDs. The colored cushions were a nice touch as well. I suspect as
all all the cats crowd in their body heat warm this Hall. Let's go
over there [Misty points to an out of the way spot with some red
cushions], and I plan to snuggle next to you. It is still COLD in
here!!! And if that does not work I'm going to cover us with a
"shield" that will keep out the COLD and keep in our heat.
Hypothermia is a real problem even at 60 degrees, and I love WARM
HEAT, and right now YOU are my very own walking space heater. [The
two lay down in the red cushions and Misty curls into Cash's side and
begins to PURRRR].

Cash enjoys the lovely Misty and flopps an ear over to keep her ears
warm. He then operates a foot pedal that raises the bed a foot up and
another that brings it to 80F.


"Now that is clever: A heated bed that is raised off the ice: Were it not for that all the heat would go into the ice causing it to melt. Ah you are the best Cash. [Misty starts to PURRRR]