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Default Jellicle Ball 2017

[Moments after the other arrivals from the Countess's valley head
towards the ball room, the air shimmers again and a crowd of furry
persons arrive. Jocko the Diving Cat is resplendant in a neoprene
tuxedo, and Big Mama the black panther is wearing a tight silver
lame wrap around her body, with a string of silver bows tied to her
long tail.

They are followed, very timidly, by GiGi and Pepe, the Catalina
skunks. They all take their places at the guest book table to sign

Jocko the Diving Cat, Catalina Island
Big Mama, Catalina Island
Pepe the skunk, Catalina Island
Gigi the skunk, Catalina Island

Signing behind them,
Cash, Daisy Chan, Iowna from house of Chez Shenks

Samuel Redcat, house of Mahoney
Francesca Roberta the Fierce, house of Mahoney