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Default my Chloe is dying

19 years old, long-term thyroid problem which we've been treating,
but she's been getting steadily thinner and weaker and now she can
hardly walk. Almost no interest in food - drinks a lot, including
Whiskas "cat milk" formula which is about her only real source of
nutrition now.

She spent years never leaving the house, then a couple of weeks
ago she suddenly remembered what the catflap was for and has been
out in the garden most of the day. It's mostly been a bit cold
and breezy, and most cats would come inside; my guess is that like
some old dying people she feels too hot.

I'll try to get the vet to come round tomorrow. She got badly
frightened the last time she had to go to the surgery and I'm
not putting her through that again. Problem is, she has tiny
and hard to find veins - very difficult to get a needle in.

We've had her 17 years.

She's been a lovely old friend. For years about the only part
of human beings she could relate to was feet, but a few years
ago she suddenly changed, and any moment I was lying down she'd
be on my chest purring and bopping me on the face to ask to be
stroked some more. She had the most persistent purr I've ever
encountered, just never stopped.

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