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Default Duffy has gone to the Bridge (Oct. 16, 2017)

I am heartbroken to report that my wonderful Duffy has gone to the
Bridge. He had a wonderful report at his last check-up a month ago, and
his health failure came on remarkably fast. My sister is visiting from
Ohio, and he was happy and playful when we left for dinner yesterday. He
had jumped up on the sofa to play with her, and he had jumped up on the
chair to sit in my lap shortly before we left. When we returned an hour
later, Duffy could not walk. It was Sunday, so the veterinarians in
town were closed. We drove to the nearest emergency vet, about 35 miles
away. He received a full evaluation, and the news looked bad --
probable thrombosis. I brought him home with 3 medications. One was
anti-seizure medication, and I was warned not to be surprised if he had
seizures. I took him to his own veterinarian as soon as the clinic
opened at 7:30 this morning, and the emergency vet e-mailed copies of
his X-rays and the tests that were performed. Duffy could not get on
his feet all night. I slept in the room with him, and he moved around
the room during the night by pulling himself on his side. TED felt that
he had probably suffered a stroke. I made the painful decision to have
him put to sleep and not force my wonderful little guy to endure any
more pain. I am in pain over his loss, but Duffy is not. I know that
Duffy had a happy life and was healthy up to the very last day of his
life. Nikki and Selina are obviously disturbed. They stayed close to
him last night, and they kept looking for him after I returned home
without him this morning.

I made arrangements to have Duffy cremated and return his own cremains.
When Holly died, I had her ashes scattered around a Mahonia holly
outside the sunroom window. Duffy will rest at the base of another
Mahonia holly at the other end of the same window. TED said the Duffy
was my angel in life and now he in an angel in another life. That is
absolutely true.

Rest in peace, darling Duffy.